Our History

Mandela S.S, Hoima started in May 1997 under the sole proprietorship of Hon. Dr. Lawrence Bategeka Nkooto. Mandela S.S started from rental facilities behind Kwebiiha hostel in Hoima town before it acquired its own land. In the year 2000 Mandela acquired its own land in Kiryateete West.

Mandela SS Hoima started as a single Campus for both O-Level and A-Level until 2006. In 2007 it was divided into two Campuses for O-Level and A-Level. This was aimed at improving the academic excellence and giving enough space for the students because of the big numbers of students. Mandela Main Campus is located in Kiryateete and Mandela S.S Annex is located in Bujwahya, behind the Omukama’s palace.

The school is a mixed day and boarding, with both Arts and Science subjects. It is purely private, registered by MoES.

The school has a Board of Directors. From the BOD, the school has a Principal, who represents the BOD in school. Each Campus then has a head teacher and a deputy head teacher. The deanery is divided into three: academics, student’s affairs and Sports.

Mandela S.S is multicultural; students and teachers come from all regions of the country: Northern, western, eastern and the central regions.

Now Mandela SS Hoima is ranked one of the best performing schools in our country. Academics excellence is and will continue being our primary objective so that we uphold our high standards and sound academic performance from year to year. In 2018 we were ranked number 8 in the country in terms of admissions on government sponsorship (A-Level), at O-Level in 2018 students that passed in division 1 were 93

Our Mission

We carefully provide knowledge, morals and skills that transform a student into a successful and responsible citizen.

Our Vision

To become a leading and most preferred National school in the provision of quality and holistic education in Uganda.

Our Motto

Caring to Achieve

Core Values, premise and watchwords:
  • Obedience
  • Morality
  • Respect
  • Skills
  • Time management
  • Excellence
  • Peace
  • Prayer
  • Smartness
  • Discussion
  • Health
  • Reconciliation
  • Service
  • Openness



Mandela plant the seed, Care for it as to achieve, plant the seed and care for it, education the mustard seed.


Educated to transform the world into a better place for us to live with a better quality of life, Mandela do plant the seed.