We are all made up of three components; mind, boy and spirit and we need to ensure we are giving all these three areas the best attention they deserve.

Whatever spiritual path or faith you follow, you need to feed and nourish your spirit as diligently you feed and nourish your body and intellect

Take time to reflect on your beliefs and meditate .don’t allow the distraction for example cell phones, e-mails and notifications to disrupt this important activity .listen to your spirit and hear what it is saying to you.

Speak to the powers you do believe in and wait in stillness for the answers. Read the spiritual books that help you grow. The aim is to achieve perfect balance to get a place where your body, mind and spirit totally work in perfect harmony

Tonny Kagwa

Spiritual Growth

Becoming a Christian is only a beginning of a new life. God rarely takes people to heaven the moment they become Christians. Becoming a Christian is like hatching out an egg. And all along the lord has a distinct purpose for you to fulfill on earth before leaving for heaven. But you will never find or fulfill that purpose unless you grow as a Christian. Simply being hatched is not enough, you must grow spiritually and there must be the mentors to offer growth

At Mandela SSS the Anglican chaplaincy helps the children to grow spiritually by equipping them with better tools to climb the mountain of spiritual maturity. The best way to understand these tools that are necessary for a growing Christian is by looking at the wit’s GROWTH in this acrostic;

When the above is done, Christian growth gives glory to God and allows him to less you with his presence and that presence brings power for living. The growth continues until you are transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.

By Reverend Canon Gad Akankwasa (Anglican chaplain Mandela main campus)

Mandela and Islam

Islam is the total submission to the will of Allah. It is therefore supremely prudent that I thank the noble Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) and pray that peace and blessings be showered upon him, Islam is premised on five Pillars:

Shahadah; which entails sincerely reciting the Muslim profession of faith

Salat; saying the five daily prayers, in their rightful way since they account most to the life you will have after death

Paying Zakat. This is aimed at helping the needy and in doing this one gets a lot o blessings and his income source doubles

Sawm; fasting during the month of Ramadan which requires all Muslims in good health to abstain from eating, drinking and sinning

Performing hajj. This is the holy journey to Mecca, for those who can financially afford to. We as the larger Mandela community cannot thank our beloved administrators enough, for always according Utmost respect and religious Freedom to enable us profess our faith. This we believe, in its self, is a clarion call to all Muslims to heed to will of Allah.

Alhajji Mustaffa, Chairperson Mandela Muslim Community

10 Spiritual Quotes to Keep Your Faith Up

  1. “God loves each of us as if there was only one of us”- Augustine
  2. “God never said that the journey would be easy, but he did say that the arrival would be worthwhile”-Max Lucado
  3. “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies”-Hudson Taylor
  4. ‘’God will meet you where you are in order to take you where he wants you to go”- Tony Evans
  5. “Let Gods promises shine on you problems”- Corrie Ten Boom
  6. “Remember who you are. Don’t compromise for anyone, for any reason. You are a child of the almighty God. Live that truth”-Lysa Terkeurst
  7. “Our greatest fear should not be of failurebut of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter”-Francis Chan
  8. “If God is your partner, make your plans BIG!”D.L. Moody
  9. ‘you are the only bible some non believers will ever read”-John MacArthur
  10. “If you believe in God who controls the big things, you have to believe in the God who controls the little things. It is we, of course, to whom things look “little” or “big”-Elizabeth Elliot

Compiled by Glosh Ngonzi and Eleanor Bridget, 6Arts