NB:All school fees and other dues shall be paid through the banks using a bank slip issued to your child by the school. Please pay school fees and other dues at the following banks on the accounts indicated and deliver school copy of the fees slip/Bankslip to the Bursar’s office.

Bank Accounts for respective classes
Class Bank Account Number
S.1 Housing Finance Bank Uganda 220005539
Bank of Africa Uganda 05750600014
S.2 KCB Bank Uganda 2314680804
S.3 & S.4 Centenary Bank Uganda 8010001619
S.5 DFCU Bank Uganda 01983501003315
S.6 Stanbic Bank Uganda 9030005908891


Classification ADMISSION Fee Development Fee Uniform Total including Bank charges of 3,000 Comment
Boarding Scholar 100,000 120,000 345,000 568,000 Payable on Admission
Item Unit Cost Minimum number of items for Boarding students Total for Boarding students Comment
Trouser/Skirt 60,000 2 120,000 Payable on
Shirt/Blouse 50,000 1 50,000
T-Shirt 50,000 1 50,000
Tie 15,000 1 15,000
Stockings 15,000 1 15,000
Sweater 40,000 1 40,000
Sports wear 55,000 1 55,000
Total 345,000


Fees: S1, S2 and S3 Term1, 2024

Class S.1 Term 1 S.2 & S.3 Term1
Item Boarding Students Boarding Students
Fees 1,200,000 1,100,000
Skilling & ICT infrastructure development 100,000 100,000
Bank Charge 3,000 3,000
Total 1,303,000 1,203,000

Fees: S.4, S.5 And S.6 Term 1, 2024

Class S.5 Term 1 S.4 & S.6 Term1
Item Boarding Students Boarding Students
Fees 1,300,000 1,200,000
Skilling & ICT infrastructure development 100,000 100,000
Bank Charge 3,000 3,000
Total 1,403,000 1,303,000

NB:You are strongly advised to pay full school fees before your child reports to school to avoid inconveniences of sending your child back home. In case you cannot pay all the fees at once, pay not less than the minimum indicated for specific classes and category of student.


Every prospective S.4 and S.6 student must pay UNEB registration fees prior to being enrolled in a candidate class. The amount of money payable in this respect, which includes both UNEB registration fees and the cost of electronic passport photograph for your Son/Daughter, is Shs 260,000 for S.6 and S.4 candidates. This amount is included in the total fees payable by students in candidate classes. Your son/daughter in a candidate class is respectively required to bring the following;