School Clubs


Fun in school is nothing without clubs!! We as the Mandela fraternity have got a variety of clubs that make school an enjoyable ground ever. One of which includes the writers’ club. This is associated with an elite group of writers that not only write but also reveal their integrity and intellectual abilities. This is revealed through the information and publicity sector that is all done by the elite members of this club.

Next to note is the debate’s club, activities like debating are carried out which enable students to gain confidence, mental and logical skills. This can surely groom them into good lawyers, politicians, to mention a few. This club has enabled the students to meet influential people in the country as it gives them chance to go carryout debating competitions with other schools which leaves them exposed to various issues taking place in the country

Third in place, is the educate club. This doesn’t precisely deal with class-oriented issues but instead deals with social life skills. These include cooking, baking, art and craft and many more. Therefore, poverty is history in this club since students actually sell their products for money.

Last but one is the anti-corruption club. This is associated with promoting equality, children’s rights and making students well aware of corruption, its effects and also how to make it unheard of in the school environment.

Last at hand, is the Music, Dance and Drama Club (MDD Club). Music and dancing accompaned with a lot of drama is the order of the day in this club and so students who are wimps don’t qualify for such a club since it involves confidential skills and a lot of talent to display.

For the above therefore, clubs have helped make a contribution to the process of resurgence and restoration among the Mandela community which has helped the school fulfil its mission that states “We carefully provide knowledge, morals and skills that transform a student into a successful and responsible citizen.”

Compiled by

Nyangoma Charity & Nabukwasi Sheila