Circa 1997, upon inception of Mandela Secondary School, a great deal of students have studied and past through the blue gates of Mandela. These are united under MOSA, an umbrella body of old students. Mandela Old Students Association is a vibrant society that connects alumni to current students and to future students. MOSA's most vibrant societies are the student's associations founded in all major tertiary institutions in Uganda. These include but are not limited to:

We do have associations in Makerere University Business School, Ndejje University, Nkumba, IUIU, UCU, KIU,Mbarara University,Muni University and other higher institutions of learning.

These alumni bodies play a vital role in fostering growth of Mandela. Every year, University students come to Mandela to motivate, inspire, encourage and remind contemporary Mandela students to work hard. Through guided pep talks on career guidance, social life and academic issues; students are reminded about the validity of their dreams and implored to remain focused so as to emulate the successes of old students

Alumni are obligated to fly high the flag of Mandela wherever life places them by excelling at whatever career choices they choose to take. Old students therefore are the most efficient marketers of this great institution.

The alumni bodies equally do assist members in times of need say when disaster strikes. Mandela alumni bodies are the first points of reference for internship placements, jobs and business opportunities to old students. We recognise the power of networking and strive to keep the drive that stems from being proud Mandelians. It goes without saying that the current Mandela teaching staff is composed of 60% MOSA members which association equally boasts of various professionals. The important role of the alumni body can’t be downplayed.

Compiled by

Mr. Okello Herbert

Viva Mandela Viva.